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Our favorite books for business, success, and life curated for your ease of selection. What will you add to your library?


peak performance by Brad Stulberg and Steve Magness

Peak Performance examines individuals at the top of their game, how they got there, and their best practices for staying there. What they came up with is 3 key principles to getting to the top and remaining on top.

The authors dug deep into scientific studies, individual accomplishments, and discovered “links” or kernels of academic study which they connected with existing information that they believe will improve performance. The idea, as presented, is these 3 key principles may enhance your athletic results, business performance, or artistic endeavors. Considering what lengths we will go to as athletes, business leaders and artists to achieve a slight edge or advantage you have to wonder if reading this book can give you a boost in performance. And if so, what would that mean to you?

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shoe dog by phil knight

Shoe Dog was one of my favorite books in 2017. It was really inspiring to read Knight's first hand account of building Nike in the early days. It's hard to believe that such a successful company could have struggled so much. All businesses struggle with growth, leadership, marketing, fluctuating cash flows, and this story outlines how you can make it or break it.

Phil Knight’s memoir, “Shoe Dog”, opens early in the morning, a young man getting ready for the day, and going out for a run. But it wasn’t just any run, it was the run that sparked his Crazy Idea that would become his lasting legacy. In 1962, the seeds were planted for a trip around the world with a side trip to Japan to launch a company importing and selling running shoes in America.

This little idea became a one of the biggest success stories in modern history. And, as with any success story, there were plenty of setbacks, brushes with failure, and a near collapse of the business. Knight bootstrapped his way to creating his tiny company, surrounding himself with people passionate about the product and the business, and found his way slowly to dominating the shoe industry.

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unmarketing by Scott Stratten and alison kramer

I read 80% of this book on a flight from NYC to SEA. This is a fast read to say the least. 

This is a great book for anyone just starting to dive into marketing and looking for an authentic way to connect with prospective clients. What I liked about the book was the short, on point chapters (61 chapters to be exact) from buying to trust to social media to testimonials to putting it into practice and everything in-between.  The authors include a few case studies and many, many words of wisdom. 

Stratten spends quite a few chapters on Twitter and best practices because that is how he built his social media presence. If you want to launch a twitter account or grow your twitter account, he has some solid ideas. He has less to say about Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and newer platforms. 

Like I said, I've read 80% of this book. I have a few chapters to finish and once I do, I'll post a full review.