The 2020 RISE & SHINE ANNUAL PLANNER is the place you start to create a successful year for your business and for yourself.

It has all of the components you need including monthly and weekly scheduling, a success plan for each quarter, and monthly check-ins to hold you accountable. 

To actualize your goals, you'll need to go deeper into your WHY which is why I created several writing exercises to help you set your goals, write out your actions steps and create your personal mission and vision statement. 


Annual Exercises

Each part of your 2020 RISE & SHINE ANNUAL PLANNER has a purpose: to help you achieve your goals.  There are seven major sections that you need to set time aside for. This time will be spent putting the foundation in place to create your best year.  When you write down your thoughts, goals, dreams, must-do list, won't-do list, etc...then you create clarity. Once you get everything down on paper then you can prioritize the most important things first. If you aren't sure what you should focus on I highly recommend The One Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan.


Start with our How To Guide to get the most out of using your planner every week throughout the entire year. 

  • Planning a successful year

  • Envision the year ahead

  • Your Business in 2020

  • Big 5 Goals for the year + Writing exercises for each goal

  • Vision Statement for 2020

  • Big Ideas: 7 pages for writing, exploring, and cultivating new ideas. 

  • Your business snapshot. What are your core values, objectives and goals, what sets your business apart, and many other questions created to go deep and get focused on what makes your business run.


If you want your business to grow and survive you must know your numbers. 

  • Financial Planning: Write down your revenue goals, your revenue streams, what's profitable and what your expenses are.

  • Financial Responsibilities: Track your local, state and federal tax payments, track and payoff debt and track your savings for retirement, your bucket list, your kids education funds, etc....

plan for success 

Each month and quarter, plan for your success and prioritize exactly what you must get done. The more you write, the more clarity you will have as your plans take shape. You will know what action steps you need to put in motion to complete your projects. 

  • Read, Listen, Learn: Keep track of books you've read or listened to and your favorite podcasts. Keep track of conferences, workshops, retreats, CEC's and all of your personal development. Included is a list of some of the best books for business, marketing, personal growth and leadership. 

  • Monthly Calendar: Use your one month calendar to plan and track your most important things to accomplish. 

  • Quarterly Success Plan: Each quarter write down your top five priorities and how you will accomplish them. Write down your top three financial goals and how you will accomplish them. 

  • Quarterly Snapshot: Each quarter write down your top five priorities and how you will accomplish them. Write down your top three financial goals and how you will accomplish them.

  • Reflection: You can't get better at what you do without self-reflection. Each month and quarter write down your accomplishments, best lessons, what needs improvement, and what you are grateful for. All of these exercises will help you become a better person, leader, parent, spouse, and partner for those around you. It will enable you have clarity and purpose. 


  • Weekly Planning: Monday - Sunday, 5am - 8pm. Each day, listed in 30 minute sections for time management.

  • Motivational Quote: To set the tone for your week and inspire action.

  • This Week's Big 5 List: The 5 most important things you must get done to move your business forward.

  • Personal and Work Lists: For all of the little things that need to get done: To-Do List, Call Back, Prospect Follow Up List


  • Hardback, Durable Cover

  • Super Smooth, 60lb Acid Free, Archival Safe Paper

  • Elastic Band

  • Ribbon for Bookmarking

  • 192 pages, Flex Bound, Opens and Lays Flat

  • 7.5" x 10"