It all started IN 2016...

Actually it started much earlier, let's say 2003. I started in the fitness industry working at one of Seattle’s premier gyms, Sound Mind & Body. I spent just over 1 year there and in early 2005 made the plunge, opening my first location, a mere 800 square feet filled with hope and dreams. I had two business partners and a fuzzy idea of what I was doing.  I did a lot of things wrong along the way but i managed to do a lot of things right, too.  Today, I have 4,300 square feet, a couple of employees and a small, thriving community business. 

In 2016, I created and published my first annual planner for fitness professionals. I had used a lot of different planners over the years and not one of them fit my work style or my life style. As an active member of the Todd Durkin Mastermind I had goals and dreams that I was ready to accomplish. 

I had an assortment different notebooks and binders filled with my plans and ideas for the future but everything was scattered which basically made it hard for me to stay focused and on track. I needed a better way. 

Since I couldn't find what I wanted and I was unable to have everything in one place, I decided to create a planner that would be the place for everything I needed. Once my idea caught hold, I had to do it because I also knew the fitness professionals in my coaching group were all struggling with the same thing. 

Here I am with a product that I believe will have a positive, resounding impact on your business and life. 

Let's see where we go!